Architecture Design


Our services provides exterior and interior design, maintenance for all types of public and residential buildings. 

  • Mūsų komanda Jūsų paslaugoms

  • Vårt team til tjeneste

  • Наша команда к вашим услугам

  • Our team at your service

  • Nasz zespół do usług

  • Unser Team für Sie da

  • 我们为您服务团队 Wǒmen wèi nín fúwù tuánduì

  • あなたのサービスで私たちのチーム Anata no sābisu de watashitachi no chīmu

  • Il nostro team al vostro servizio

  • Notre équipe à votre service

  • Nossa equipe ao seu serviço

  • Mūsu komanda jūsu rīcībā

  • Nostri quadrigis tuus

  • Vårt team till din tjänst

  • Tiimimme palveluksessanne

  • Ons team tot uw dienst

  • Meie meeskond teie teenistuses


UAB "Architektūrinis ritmas"

Company code: 303064420

VAT code: LT100010366211

SEB BANK, account number: LT53 7044 0600 0790 0182 

Adress: K. Donelaičio st. 33-515, Kaunas


About Us

Facts about us. We are a young team of architects running our activities for three years. Members of our team have more than 10 years of work experience in the field of architecture. We are fast, responsible and attentive to detail. Our portfolio includes a lot of houses and some public buildings, such as bus station, clinic, industrial boiler system and inventory building. Also, we create interior design solutions for offices, public and living spaces. The majority of our projects, so far, have been implemented in Lithuania, but recently we have expanded our activities and can boast of a few inventory buildings in Sweden and 3 houses in Norway. We aim at challenges and diverse experience, so now our goal is to focus on foreign markets.


Antanas Lizdenis

Antanas Lizdenis

General manager

Laurynas Vizbaras

Laurynas Vizbaras

Director Architect

Eglė Pipiraitė

Eglė Pipiraitė


Contact Us

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